Prayers and Praises - July 31, 2022

July 31, 2022

Prayers and Praises - July 31, 2022

† Lee Copeland ~ did not have abdominal biopsy; he will consult with surgeon in the valley for the procedure; pray for his well-being.

† Lora Slater ~ pray for continued healing from her back surgery and relief of pain.

† Jim Hilton ~ had is spinal tap, but it was done wrong; so, he’s being treated as a stroke patient with normal procedures; pray his healing and recovery.

† Michelle Anderson ~ came through her carotid artery surgery and is recovering; pray her perseverance as she must stay in bed for 6 weeks.

† Sharon (Karen and Roger Brown’s friend) ~ diagnosed with colon cancer; pray for her healing.

† Ardis (Candy Greenwood’s relative) ~ diagnosed with bone cancer; pray for her healing.

† Harold Bell ~ concern for his kidney function and testing positive for Covid; he has been released from hospital, but is in quarantine for five days; pray his healing and deliverance from Covid.

† Kimberly Hollins (Jim Tapscott’s daughter) ~ her kidney transplant was cancelled; pray her healing now and well-being.

† Sam Flores ~ he’s having pain and difficulty with his neck injury; pray his healing and freedom from pain.

† Seta Bundy ~ she’s in the v alley waiting to see a surgeon; pray that her insurance will come through, and that she’ll overcome the pain she’s having.


July 31, 2022

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